MarketMuse Montréal
Machine Monograph Lab

The Oxford English Dictionary defines monograph as "a detailed written study of a single specialized subject or an aspect of it". While the word in context is a bit aspirational, MarketMuse already provides the tools for non-expert human writers to create such documents. We aim for our tools to support the quality and the comprehensiveness of a monograph.

Our users can of course choose their length and depth, and most use cases are currently for blog posts, web pages, and whitepapers. Yet even these can take a while to write even if somebody has a great outline or content plan to work from. M4 therefore sets its sights on machine-generating drafts of genuinely useful and informative content, for content marketers to then edit and adapt, bringing together the strengths of humans and AI. M4 was created to disrupt outmoded paradigms in writing.

We will crawl and then walk and then run. We'll be able to parameterize the tone, the intent, conceptual distribution, sophistication, the length, and other features of custom-generated content. Generating content will enable people to learn better and to communicate faster than they ever could before. In the future, the technologies we create here can be used in educational tools for custom lesson plans, assistive agents, and fun ways of learning one's own unknown unknowns.

team vision

We are building a cozy and close-knit lab that is yet very plugged in to the multinational MarketMuse team and client needs. M4 houses research scientists as well as research engineers, both working on natural language generation and its supporting technologies such as concept spaces and grammar correction.

Knowledgeable in bridging machine learning and scalable systems, the research engineers help bring new models and algorithms to production, enabling us to gather even more data. This frees our scientists to focus on the depths and boundaries of the science. Positioning ourselves at the forefront of science, discourse with the broader machine learning community and publishing cutting-edge research will naturally be part of our culture.

A very collaborative and adaptive group, we have additional kinds of feedback cycles not necessarily present in other labs, leveraging MarketMuse's industry leading position in content marketing tools.

We will laugh, we will cry, and we'll even make things that make us laugh and cry on the way.

( technical | vision )

Recent advances in deep learning, differentiable computing, neural language models, and neural knowledge models
point us in a very compelling direction.

MarketMuse has already built up differentiated capabilities that we're well-positioned to leverage on this road to content generation, feeding these neural models with our strong existing and evolving distributional semantics, knowledge graph generation, recursive discourse-aware topic models, and content plan generation capabilities. Combining these with attention mechanisms, embeddings of various kinds, and creative conditional neural architectures per our plans, we can lead the field.

We'll take a content plan, imbue utterances with ideas from the knowledge graph, and holographically enhance connectives, patch grammar, and perform style transfer among various intent profiles and voices.

It will rock.